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  1. D

    Hobby Shop Peter worked at Before Flite Test

    Help me. I remember Josh B. Talking about wooden kits and suggesting a shop, Ironically it was the same shop that Peter worked at before joining Flite Test. I have built four FT Kits and am starting to think about building a wooden kit. I would like to purchase one of their kits. Can...
  2. M

    How to make a plane wing out of 6 mm think wood.

    Hello everyone. I was looking on ways I can build a wing for an rc airplane that I plan to build out of wood and I stumbled on the problem of getting lightweight material I need to create it (AKA foam). Do you have any advice on how to create a 10 cm wide, rectangular wing with 6 mm thick...
  3. Andre

    Time for a proper work bench

    For the past 3 years I've been using a folding table as my "bench". That is about to change. There was nothing really wrong with the folding table I just wanted something taller to allow me to stand while I work and also something to use for my video shoots. For the last couple months I've...
  4. D

    Where to by Square Aluminum tubing for Anycopter booms?

    I've been looking for some nice booms for my anycopter. I've not been able to find a good place to buy any. I haven't even been able to find Square dowel in my local hardware stores (Columbus, Ohio). I'm not sure what to do now. I thought it would be easier to find the stuff, but so far...
  5. T

    Challenge: Ram a large plane out of the sky with small planes!

    I think that a cool challenge would be if one of you flew a large, delicate balsa wood plane while everyone else flew Piper Champs repeatedly ramming it with the intent to knock it out of the sky.
  6. kah00na

    Wooden Bat Bones Frame Build

    Wooden Bat Bones Frame Build (with templates) I've like the Bat Bones tricopter since FliteTest released it. When David made it into a V-Tail, I really wanted to build one. I've made three other Tricopter frames out of 1/8" plywood and wanted to do the same thing with the Bat Bones. The...