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    Question regarding Syma X5C versions - I'm stuck!

    Hi! I have had three Syma X5C's. One is different from the others and I'd like to figure out which is the 'upgraded' version, plus maybe you can help me with an issue. Here goes, thank you: Symas #1 and #2: Matte finished/brushed body, more flexible plastic. White. Markings love to rub off. No...
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    X5C-1 Motor Performance - Related to Battery?

    Hi, I'm new to FliteTest forums, I joined regarding my X5C-1. So today I noticed I am having to push the throttle far too much just to get it about 6 feet off the ground, today I ALSO noticed that my stock 500 MAH battery took very long to charge. So my question is, does battery strenght have...