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02 seff 2011


Staff member

This episode the Joshes return you to the pristine field of Hodges Hobbies, home of the annual event known as SEFF. Josh Scott is excited, as he gets to bark at a mutt of a plane, while Josh Bixler interviews Sean from Hitec about the new Dogfighter aircraft from Multiplex. Next they speak with Jim T. Graham. Even with Jim's easy smile, and friendly demeanor, Josh Scott still ends up feeling threatened by him. In the final segment, the guys talk to Chris Klick, owner of RiteWing.com. If you've ever been interested in what makes a Ritewing different than any other wing, Chris gives a great overview of some of the special features he's engineered into his planes. So, do something that the Joshes couldn't, grab a mountain dew, open your laptop, and enjoy a rocking chair on porch somewhere, while watching this episode of Flite Test.