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$13 epp chuck to RC glider conversion


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Feel free to ask questions, i think the pictures are pretty self explanatory so not doing a big right up. Basically my copy of Andrew Newtons build, links to his videos below.


IMG_20191117_171841.jpg IMG_20191120_063051.jpg IMG_20191120_063153.jpg IMG_20191120_063222.jpg IMG_20191120_063231.jpg

  1. Flat stock carbon rods in wings and tail feathers, removed dihedral.
  2. Dual Elevators are connected similar to andrews with a bent C shape of flite test size control rod. I dripped some thin CA repeated down the rods to build up a good connection.
  3. 3mm'ish carbon tube nose to tail on the underside of the fuselage.
  4. I had some offcuts of Balsa aileron stock so i cut them to size and used Goop hinges (crazy strong). Full balsa was just way easier than trying to figure out how to make that thin epp rigid.
  5. 181g all up weight with 480 nimh pack. Stock plane is 121g.
  6. Assuming i will need ballast but left that alone for now. No lead needed for cg yet either.

Plane $12.99: https://www.banggood.com/100cm-Wing...4.html?rmmds=myorder&ID=228&cur_warehouse=USA

3x 5g metal gear servos $6.39: https://www.banggood.com/PTK-7350-M...p-1524399.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN

480mah nimh pack, similar to this $4 one: https://alofthobbies.com/4-8-v-350mah-1-3-aa-pack-flat.html

Double Wall pushrods for elevator: https://alofthobbies.com/d.html
Or just a carbon tube or straw with normal control rod would have worked as well.

Andrews Videos:

Goop hinges: