Return to RC Flying - Cub, Baby Brit, Nutball


Not a skater
My involvement with my various hobbies is very cyclical. I never really leave a hobby behind, it just goes dormant and my gear patiently waits for me. Well, after several years, I decided to turn some of my attention back to my RC airplanes that have been sitting idle. I finally got a basement workshop organized enough for some builds, so I decided to start off with my circa 2016 Gotha Gaggle Baby Brit. I've actually had a set of skinned and cut out pieces for my Brit for years, and they've traveled with me between house moves and other major life events. The pieces have some wear around the edges, but good enough for a "return to flight" plane that will help me exercise my thumbs again. I printed out a new set of skins and I plan on making another, better one.


During my clean up process, I re-discovered a Power Pack that I use to use on Nutballs, so since everyone needs a Nutball in their hangar, I quickly put together another wing/circle. I even found the pushrods I used on these!


Lastly, I put together a new-to-me Simple Cub. For some reason I love the L-4 Grasshopper variant of the Cub, and I used to have a Great Planes .40 sized one that I built from a kit around 2002-03 that had many flights on it before its ultimate demise. A quick and cheap print job from Staples, and a few leisurely evenings of work, and I once again have an L-4 in my fleet.
I've taken the time to read up on many forum posts about the Simple Cub and it seems it's not the most popular or beloved FT plane around. I've picked up some pieces of advice that I hope will enable me to have a good flying plane. I also modified the wing assembly, as I'm not fond of cutting into the spars per the instructions. Instead, I glued in the dihedral with the wing still open, added a piece of carbon rod to stiffen the spar, and then closed the wing panels. Fingers crossed!

Good to be back!