2014 4th Annual Colorado FPV Meet June 6-8

Vitamin J

Hello all Colorado and nearby FPVers! The time has come again for another FPV meetup and campout in South Park, CO. Every year has been a great turnout of FPVers and a great time. We have a great location picked out on BLM land away from everything where we can fly all we want over wide open spaces. We have woggle courses and races and contests as well as just hanging out by the campfire.

38.921331, -105.761771

See our main meetup thread on FPVLab here:

Bring your planes, bring a crash kit, bring your camping gear, and bring some meat to cook on a stick over the camp fire (don't forget your favorite beverage to enjoy too). It is time for 4th annual Colorado Spring FPV Meet.

Planned activities/events:
- Woggle course
A series of gates setup in a circuit/course. Fly the circuit for fun or challenge others in a time challenge (fastest time to complete 3 laps wins).
I would also like to propose that a second woggle competition be held, because not everyone has a 1000watt SkyHunter or a hot flying wing. This will be to complete the woggle course again three laps and the time will be the diference between your fastest and slowest laps... consistency will determine the winner of this event.
Here is the winning run from last year:

- Scratch Build 401 Deer Turd Challenge
This is a world wide competition to complete a predefined mission based on time, distance, and weight carried... we Coloradans are going to put a little spin on it though. We are going to build the plane in the middle of nowhere as a team/collaborative effort.

If you have something else that you would like to do at the meet let me know and I will update this post.

Some videos to get you excited.

Here are some of the threads from years past for an idea of what to expect: