1. FoamyDM

    FPV for your EZ Pack Planes

    This Video show everyone how to add FPV to your Micro EZ pack powered planes.
  2. CaseySC

    FT Explorer FPV maiden!

    Took a couple weeks of tweaking and finalizing but I was able to finish my FT Explorer build! Big thanks to the folks who helped answer my questions here on the forums! Yesterday I flew the Explorer and it was overall really good. I was concerned about CG/balance being so tail heavy. I read...
  3. FPVAirCombat

    Easy FPV Head Tracker Setup in Minutes!

    FPV Head-tracker setup is similar for all brands of air transmitters using trainer mode. It’s convenient to look at videos instead of digging out the info on transmitter users manual. So I made a couple to help beginners out. There are plenty of videos for FrSky and Open TX based radios. So...
  4. Addicted

    Another RID Video

    Fun vid. Not cheap enough.
  5. G

    FPV on STEM Planes / Power Pack

    In one episode / video, Josh attached an FPV camera to one of the STEM planes. 1) I can't find that episode, can anybody help? I remember it because he commented on how much the flight time was reduced by adding it. 2) How did he do that? I thought the video was a little vague on what camera and...
  6. cdfigueredo

    Help! Help starting my FPV adventure

    I have been interested in FPV flying for a while now and I just have the possibility to acquire the equipment. I have been doing a lot of reading to avoid throwing money away and I think I have a good initial purchase. I would like to get your opinions. After some research, my target goggles are...
  7. TopGun2105

    Tips on fpv gear ⬇️

    Hi I need some help finding some fpv gear I am not sure what to get I am 14 years old so I don’t have a lot of money and I need to buy it from a website that can ship to Turkey or South African and I am looking for something that will last me a long time and still give me an average performance...
  8. flitetest

    Part Caddx Ant AIO Guardian Mount 1.0

    Gremlin Guardian Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera Mount Design By: David Jester 3D printable fixed camera to mount the Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera on the Flite Test Gremlin Guardian. Suggested Print Settings: Filament: PLA, PLA+ (Tough PLA) Layer Height: 0.2mm Supports: None Rafts: None...
  9. flitetest

    Part FT Caddx Ant AIO Mount 1.0

    Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera Mount Design By: David Jester 3D printable adjustable camera mount for the Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera. This camera mount requires: [2] 3mm x 8mm screws and [1] 1" x 3/32" O-ring to complete the assembly. Files: Caddx Ant Mount Part 1.stl Camera Plate Caddx Ant...
  10. M

    Help! What am I looking at here Jarvis?

    0-100% throttle. I have been scratching my beard on this for weeks. 0 issues when powered by a battery but when I try to use a single battery I get this. The only thing I've been told is "it's obviously emf from the motor" I'm basically emulating the stock fpv radian, the only exception is that...
  11. Craycle Hobby

    New 3D Printed Racer Model - Craycle Crow

    We have a new 3D Printed model which is DJI Compatible 750mm FPV Racer. Developed for Real Racing Experience. Camera is transmitting the view from the pilot's eye and it's also very securely protected. It can be a long Range FPV with big loading space (Up to 2200 mah 6S Lipo) and it has 200...
  12. Dr. Looping Looie

    Start UP! - a FREE 3D printable airplane

    I am currently designing a beginner friendly 3D pritable airplane. It can be printed from PLA and lightweight PLA. You can already download a few parts, and when I finish new parts, I will add them. That way, you will have a new plane by christmas. Think of it like some kind of advent calendar...
  13. GingerFly

    Help! Budget FPV cinematography drone tips?

    Hey y'all, I'm looking to build a budget 6" (ish) drone for follow-cam footage. I need it to be powerful enough to carry a full-size go-pro, does anyone know of a good build guide/video for something in the $100-$150 range? (just for the drone, not including peripherals) Also, any good-to-know...
  14. H

    Betaflight is not showing vtx tab

    Hello Mr./Mrs. Problem solver, I'm Harshvardhan recently i had built a race 5inch quad using OMNIBUS F4 V2 Pro ( https://robu.in/product/omnibus-f4-v2-pro-flight-controller-with-sd-card-slot-bec/ )<distributor in my country I'm using eachine tx805 VTX (...
  15. FPVAirCombat

    Striving to Fly Formation Like the Thunderbirds (& Blue Angels)!

    I have been flying head-tracking HD FPV going on for 3 years now. Since the start, I have dreamed of flying aerobatic formations like the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds one day. Over the last few months, 4 of my like-minded RC friends have coalesced to form an FPV aerobatic formation team. And...
  16. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible Mountain Valley and Secret Cabin Discovered!

    A few weeks ago I found an incredible mountain valley and spent 5 hours hiking around, exploring, and flying various spots. Well, I finally finished editing the footage and wanted to share the video with you guys. Notes: - Check out that cabin(!) I'll definitely spend a night there someday...
  17. D

    Solved FPV drone shut off mid flight

    Hello I have a problem with my new FPV drone. I am quite new to this hobby and haven't had the chance to fly mutch. The issue i have with the drone is that under flight, seemingly at random moments. Its like the drone "dissarm" itsself mid air without me flicking the lever. This diden't start at...
  18. B

    REALLY budget DIY FPV goggles.

    Want to get into FPV but CHEAP? Please check out my DIY fpv goggles. £25? Plus you can use the screen as a monitor too. Add a little tx for £12 and you'll have it all sorted for £37. Links for monitor and tx are on my video! PS You'll need a bit of foamboard too. 😉
  19. M

    DJI Air unit for plane, use only video?

    Hi! In short: Could i use DJI air unit for only video using only the red and black wire for power? Longer: So my dad got DJI googles and DJI FPV drone, and i was wondering if i could add a DJI Air unit to my regular plane? Looks like the air unit only needs power to send video? And then you...
  20. BayDesigns

    FPV Camera Pan/Tilt

    I really have too many ideas running around my head... oh well. I’m planning on building a removable camera pod to be placed on the bottom of an airplane, with pan and tilt. I’m considering using a low-light/IR camera, so an IR illuminator may be included. Regardless, the design will probably be...