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  1. G

    Acrobatic indoor fpv.

    It gets pretty cold here in the winter, forcing us indoors for months. I have been passing the time with a Crack Yak set up for fpv... good times.
  2. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! Need Help to Build 1524 mm (60") Search And Rescue C-130 J-30 LRF/FPV

    I've sat here waiting to buy equipment for my two Standard size DTFB planes with an idea in my head. I want to seriously build a usable Search and Rescue aircraft with the following capabilities. 1. Large Cargo Aircraft/Heavy Lifter. a. Large Usable Cargo Bay. b. Controllable Multiple Cargo...
  3. AircPirateNinsei


    When I saw this buggy and its price, I just had to buy it! To increase the fun even more, I ordered and glued in an FPV AIO camera. I sealed everything with hotglue. For the power supply I connected a 1s lipo. The buggy runs on 2s and I already ordered a voltage reducer so that I can...
  4. MarioGdV

    Looking for a cheap FPV Setup with 1km range (0.6 miles aprox.)

    Hello all! As I said before in the title, I want to buy a FPV Setup for my plane which at least 1km of range. I saw this one, and I think it's good enough. It has a 600TLV 1/4 camera and a Eachine VTX03 Transmitter with a modified antenna (if I buy it, I won't change it). I don't have any FPV...
  5. Mid7night

    For Sale: Diatone GT2 RTF Bundle

    Got this bundle in a trade, selling to make room for more projects. $200, plus shipping Frame: Diatone GT2 (2016) Radio: FlySky FS-i6 Charger: Turnigy Accucell 6 (needs powers supply) Batteries: 2 x 1300mAh 4S, 60C What's on the frame: Diatone Branded Edge Racing 2205 2300kv Spedix ES30...
  6. BlueK

    FPV Cloud Surfing | GoPro Hero 7 Black Hypersmooth!?

    Cloud Surfing with my quadcopter, it was a super windy day but a good test day for my my new gopro7 the hypersmooth stabilisation works good but not perfect you can see some glitches
  7. P

    FPV on a Full scale Paramotor

    I put this together so I can share the flight experience with people on the ground. Let me know what you think!
  8. Snarls

    Scratch Built ROV V2

    Its time for version 2 of the scratch build ROV. The last design worked on land, but not in the water...which is unfortunate for a vehicle designed to work under water. Despite this fail with version 1, there was a lot that I learned about ROV design that I can apply to version 2. The main goals...
  9. War Chest


  10. F

    Solved RunCam Micro Eagle running on its own LiPo possible?

    Hi, I have some fundamental technical knowledge but am new to FPV equipment. Maybe you guys know the solution to a problem I ran into: What I have at home is the RunCam Micro Eagle with the RunCam TX200U transmitter. I want to create a compact little module with its own power supply, so I can...
  11. johnreto

    Successful mechanical control with a joystick and Throttle w/ build video

    Hello Flite Test world. You have a old joystick and throttle layin around but dont have the knowhow of how to connect it to your TX and/or dont have the $ to buy the components to hook it up to your Tx? Have you ever wanted to control your plane or drone via joystick and throttle while flying...
  12. TylerTotally

    Solved 1st post, 1st fpv problem

    Hello everybody! I just joined the fourm because I know how kind and knowledgeable the community here is. I just finished my first quadcopter which is 3d printed with alum struts, flys great and I love the thing! I was ready to get into fpv after getting Liftoff. So I bought a overkill akk x2...
  13. J

    Offer FT Gremlin for sale

    1x Built TJ Complete Gremlin Kit (with Turtle Mode and new camera, needs at least one new motor) https://store.flitetest.com/tj-complete-gremlin-kit/ https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/ft-gremlin-motor-startup-problems.54070/ 1x FrSky XM+...
  14. Jvitico

    Help!! With Pizza Box Fliying Wing

    Hello guys, big question and asking for help over here... I manage to build the pizza box fliying wing from Josh video... But it won't fly... First I build a medium size and not luck at all... Then I tried again with smaller size and nothing... When I launch it, goes straight to the...
  15. Dr. Looping Looie

    The Longbow, the perfect adittion for your arrow

    An Arrow doent make sense if you have no bow. So this thing is a great addition to your arrow, although its flying caracteristics are the complete opposite. Its so slow and gentle that you can chase it by running or fly a few inches low over the ground, but it has enouth power for unlimited...
  16. Wingman04

    Help! Clover Leaf vs. Skew-Planar vs. Helical antennas

    I've heard of Clover Leaf, Skew-Planar, and Helical antennas. Are all of these the same and work together or are they all different? I want to get into FPV, but it's stuff like this that is prohibiting me. Thanks.
  17. M

    Need HELP with build!

    Hi, I am planing to build up the xhover stingy frame and I have a few uncertainties. 1. I want to use the Betaflight f4 fc but I don't know where to solder my spectrum receiver that takes 5v. spektrum receiver: https://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=SPM4649T Betaflight f4...
  18. johnreto

    Hooking up FPV gear

    Hey guys, need some help pls. Hooking up my fpv gear, runcam split mini and immersionrc tramp HV. Do i need/have to solder the short cable to the cam's board? Or is there another possibility? Thnx for the help
  19. War Chest

    < C O L O R B L I N D >

    Managed to eek out a few editing twists in this video
  20. C

    green blinking light on Runcam split

    I recently got a the runcam split cube set and an Eachine EV800D. when I powered them up they connected but the camera only displayed the runcam logo and the runcams light was blinking green. I went to the runcam website and tried the troubleshooting but had no luck. If any one has any...