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2204 motor size too large for FT Mini SE5


Junior Member
I'm building the Flite Test FT Mini SE 5 kit. I purchased the recommended motor, 2300kv 2204. However, the motor just barely fits into the SE5 cowling. If I try to offset the motor for thrust, there just isn't enough room without cutting some of the cowling out. Most motors I find on the internet are also the 2204 or larger size. Has enyone found any motors that might be a better fit than the 2204? I would think a 1600-1800 size motor would be a better option.

PS I built a scratch built Old Foggy and it flew great, right into the top of a tree, still there. I bought the mini Sportster and it didn't fly 20 feet no matter what I tried.


Well-known member
Yup, you're going to have to carve out a little foam for that to fit. It won't hurt anything. I don't remember mine rubbing, but it was a tight fit.

I also couldn't get the mini sportster to fly worth a darn.


Well-known member
Hard left turns after hand launch. Didn't seem to matter how much I adjusted the thrust angle. Of course, now that you've made me think about it, that may have been the mini speedster.