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3 planes, 3 maidens


New member
I have built 3 planes over the past month or so, haven't had a chance to fly any of them, until last weekend. I went out and took all 3. Here is the video. I would really love to get your opinions on each of my planes, especially to help me with number 3, you'll see what I mean.
The woman and I really enjoyed your video. Especially plane number one. She shouted "That's us!" during your emergency landing on the road.

Plane three needs more down thrust and stay on the throttle.

To save a plane (maybe...)
1. Nose down.
2. More power.
2.5 Level the wings.
3. Hope.


New member
glad you and your woman enjoyed the video. as for my Burnelli, nose down isnt an option as soon as it started climbing i was straight away on the elevator trying to get the nose down :( i'll keep tinkering with the CG to see how i go