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3d printed plane

Hi I have founded a really good rc plane model on thingiverse it say its for beginners but on closer inspection the it Only has elevators and ailerons and no rudder does this really matter.
many thanks


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the 3d printed plane i am making right now is 1.3m wingspan and is quite detailed. it also does not have a rudder :) should be just fine. i think my plane will take most of a spool.


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"...if a part brakes you can just print a new bit."
Yes you can but as all the parts are glued together there is no guarantee the broken part will come away cleanly so it may be hard to replace.
Just saying.
Spool and half?
If you are using 1 kg spools it would mean your plane's air frame alone could weigh close to 1.5 kg.:eek: