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3D Printed towers for finding your plane's CG


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Hey guys, I designed these yesterday and printed them all up. It's an easy way to find your plane's CG. They're 14" tall (to fit my Legacy V2) and the tips go into the holes on the bottom of the wings to balance your plane. The bases have holes for #10 flat head wood screws so you can mount them to a piece of wood or whatever for stability.

Prints in 3 pieces to fit on a normal sized printer bed. Print with 3 shells (walls) and the parts are hollow as well to save on material. Just super glue them together (hot glue might work as well EDIT: hot glue works wonderfully!) and you're good to go.

Link to files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5202868/

20220116_133223.jpg 20220116_133444.jpg 20220116_133459.jpg
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Might want to add a pad of some sort on the underside of your wing. If those towers sink into the foam too far you won't get a very accurate read of the CG. Experimentation will tell in time.
I was considering that but I didn't want a pad to support the wing at all and cause a false reading. We'll see how they work out. Might work to just put a dab of hot glue in the hole as a pad for the tips.