Master Series Mustang with 3D printed retracts, steerable tailwheel and flaps.


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I've been working on my master series mustang. Decided to try 3D printing some retracts and a steerable tailwheel bracket. The tailwheel functions very well. I just ran another control wire to the tailwheel from the same servo driving the rudder.

The retracts I'm using one servo. It took a lot of figuring out to get the gear in the right place for clearance of wing top and then to get them to swing right. I had to trim the front spar to get the wheels to tuck into the wing. I added a 12" piece of plywood to the back of the spar to reinforce where the front was trimmed. Will be designing and printing gear fairings and maybe doors so it looks more prototypical and not just a wire for the gear. The flaps I was going to try to use one servo and link them together using a piece of wire, but after 3 days of messing with the gear I just cut out two slots for servos and used a y harness to connect them. Using lightweight filler to fill all the gaps in the foam and crinkles from the building process. hoping to have a super clean plane when finished.

Here is the file i used for the retracts. Printed at 125% if anyone wants to do this. The 100% retracts I thought were too small and would explode on a hard landing. The larger retracts were harder to fit but they did, and i think they are plenty strong.

File for tailwheel steering. Printed at size.


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