3D printing tools you didn't realize you need


Some guy in the desert
I usually try to avoid using supports since I absolutely hate removing them and the blemishes they can leave behind. I've softened on them with my new mk3 and the latest presets in slic3r from prusa since they now seem much easier to remove. But I'm still not a huge fan.

That said I recently found a tool I forgot I had that REALLY helps with removing them cleanly:


These are breaking / grozing pliers for glass working: https://www.delphiglass.com/glass-cutters-tools/pliers-nippers/3-8-breaker-grozer-pliers (about 13 years ago or so my wife and I got into stained glass making...unfortunately after we moved we never got around to setting up our gear again so it's been gathering dust in the shed for the last 11 years.)

I ran into them a few weeks ago when I was in the shed looking for something and it struck me that they may be really nice for removing supports because of the jaw design:


Sure enough - these things rock. That shape lets you get RIGHT up against the final part and break support off super cleanly. Biggest problem with them is they're a little wide so can't get into tight spaces well. But for larger supports and parts they're great! I definitely recommend picking up a pair if you happen to see them at your local craft or hobby store.