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4S Batbone thoughts??

I am new to the multicopter arena but after building the Batbone for FPV I am having a lot of fun. Although what I am finding that I am only getting 6mins flight time with my 2200mah batterys and maybe 9-10 with 3300. My setup is as follows:
NTM 1250KV motors
Turnigy Plush 30amp ESC
Standard 8x4 props
EZOSD (plus current sensor)
Go Pro and Immersion TX
KK2.0 (version 1.2, I know I need to update the firmware but trying to find the USBasp is difficult)
then either 2200mah or 3300mah

So my question, what are the implications of just banging a 4s battery in there. Will this give me more power and endurance? Apart from weight shedding how can I increase the endurance, different motor prop config, perhaps??
i have a similer setup in my quad, (4s 8*5 props 1200kv ntm). as long as your motors can handle about 250w you should be fine.

however for long flight times, you dont want 8 inch props. as a genral rule, the bigger the prop diameter the greater the efficiency. idealy you would want a low kv motor with a bigger prop. you could try a biger prop (9/10 inch) and staying with 3s, but again you need to check your motors can handle it.

its hard to get good flight times with a molti tho, 10 min is not to bad.