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Help! 5 inch Frame Weight and Recommendations

I'm trying to build a 5-inch drone that I plan to mostly use for freestyle and general flying. I have most of my parts picked out, but I am having a hard time finding a frame that will work. How different will flight time and characteristics be on a 70, 100, and 140 gram frame?


Elite member
TBS Source One. Strong, you can get arms easily, it has enough space for everything and there’s a variety of camera mounts available for it.
The Source One also has the option of 7” arms if you want to go bigger later.
In 5” freestyle frames the ability to get spares and the general durability is much more important than the saving of 50g. Battery duration will come down to how efficient your motor and prop combo is and how hard you punch the throttle.

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
For freestyle durability is more important then weight.

Be wary of "cheap" frames. Some of the chinese carbon in the knockoff frames is useless. Its resonates like a bell and makes the build nearly impossible to tune or sometimes even fly.

In anycase it will stress the gyros and accelerometers. Betaflight filters mask it well sometimes but the fc over works the drive train smoothing it out.

This leads to shorter esc and motor life spans with higher rates of catastrophic failures.