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Interested in flying EDF's? Need to fly around slow? Will roll quickly and does a loop while moving out with some speed.! Want to learn about spooling up or down? How about a real super light model that will takeoff and land (2x's) without gear? Uses only ailerons and elevator?(Have another one that uses the "Udder Rudder for high alpha). How about takeoff from an incline table or vertical liftoff using stick I found? Best of all, EDF sits above fuselage so it doesn't ingest grass, dirt, pebbles and ruin those blades. By the way, mine is a cheap 5 bladed setup. Watch the slow takeoff from the table.

Model is made up of 6 pieces and after I got bored with it, adapted gear and prop and now it becomes my test bed for many ideas.

Seeing is believing. Then I will detail model and tricks used to get it to go. Then off you go to design F-86's,F-15's and then on to duals.

Notice antenna? Figure out the shape of model?
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Nice! That opened up some ideas for me. Flys slow enough to train with too!! Thanks for making my wish list grow again😎

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Here are the few pieces to pit together, won' take long-

First thing- build superlight-so go easy on the hotglue or what/ever.

Install small dia carbon rod across the wing about 2" from the rear. If your pilot skills are good, don't need it. Lighter the better. I chopped the canopy shorter and took more off the height to lessen the weight.

Here it is, a real quick build.


Planform of 32" wide is an excellent way to do scratchbuilt testing and I will morph from a EDF jet to an E-Flite motor changing EDF SkipJack to prop plane "SLO-MO" which will do very high alpha flight doing short takeoffs and steep landings all at a slow speed.

I will introduce:
The "Udder Rudder"
Landing gear that will take roll over rough tufts of grass and dirt.

Will continue on, next round.