800-1000 size custom Build-Endurance [media heavy]


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Welcome to my new build log,
now aiming for the 40 minute mark with a new build / Modded h500 carbon pro

vehicle will be used for Aerial Videography.

in this article i will show u a step by step process of me transforming a bought [damaged] quadcopter into a Larger Professional Standard aerial Platform, i will post updates Step by Step along the way as i am manouvering my way through the build.

ive been flying and building for a good few years now. 4?
i was out of the air for 2 years but now im back up and flying again, missed it alot, i find it such an escape to put goggles down and loose myself in the sky and creating amazing videography from my flights.

all of my previous builds were modded versions from bought frames,

so ive got a bit of a nack for it.

let me take you on a journey up to today before i begin.

i started with a Reptile Quadcopter Frame 500, a good starting platform for any new Rc hobbyist.

i had average flight times of 7-10 minutes mixed.

ebay 1000kv motors , ebay 25 amp escs , the usual El-Cheapo setup.

next i stepped it up a gear.

i had a Hj H4 Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter frame from ebay and built ontop of that.
photo and specs

i gained 12 minutes MAX for this stup on a 3000mah 3s , loaded with my go pro ect

i got bored with the flight time to i hacked it to death and thus the HJ Y6 was born

simply added 3x more motors and escs

photo below

i sold up my gear after a while due to personal reasons

in the past 2 months ive now bought back into the hobby luckily buying
this H500 Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter complete built & test flown system from a friend for a very cheap price.


fully loaded with 1.2ghz 1500mw fpv setup

telemetry , all the bells and whistles.

with everything i got with it, it comes to over £740 GPB from a uk builder called droneshop.biz

i got it for 1/4 that price.

it was a stable platform,,,

untill i got greedy overloaded it with weight , upped it to 12 inch props when its only meant to run 10 inch

it resulted in a crash the other week

video below.

so the H500 is dead , snapped parts from it as it hit the tree, tore wires, props, burnt out an esc,

BUT .. she shall live on..

i have seen a few build logs and a couple of videos on youtube with guys using the power selection i am about to use.

all gaining a healthy 30minute mixed. 40-45 min hover

but this is also down to AUW (all up weight) too!

heres one guy..


so id like you to join me on this journey as i update you every few days during the rebuild..


part one.

Recycling the old frame and parts,

>> so i have the h500 frame ,

>> i have 3 GOOD afro 30amp escs + one new

>> i have my 7 channel devo receiver

>> i have my 1.2ghz 1500mw video transmitter

>> i have my tarot 2d Gimble {slightly battered}

>> i have my apm 2.6 ( originally pixhawk but im used to apm . stick with what you know)

>> gps , 3dr telemetry , power distrobution harness, all cables

>> 12v bec

>> 6v Bec..

>> 4x5200mah 4S multistar 10s

lets go!

Part 2

so the original h500 frame has 17cm arms.

ive now ordered 33cm arms. alot bigger

im going from 1245 prop to a 13 inch inspire one prop

heres the layout on the floor of the kind of size im expecting

(pic to come, upload issues)

all in all its around 800-1000 size. depending on overhang of the props on the frame as they spin.

im going for Endurance , so the 810kv rc timer motors are being discarded ,

ive now got these babys

they are DJi E800 motors - 3150 / 350kv

I purchased them separately ...not as the tune kit you can buy online .. as I already have ESCs .

more to follow... waiting for more parts.

feel free to jump in and comment
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hi guys,
so onto next build update.

started to break down the frame


i have received my new extended 33cm arms ,
old arms are 17cm

arms diff.jpg

now to accomodate the longer arms. i can no longer fold all 4 arms inwards
like original design H500-compact-carbon-folding-quad.jpg

ive had to drill new holess to mount the tube clamps
and hinge hole
switch clips arms.jpg

for transportation.. so now i have all 4 arms folding Backwards and will secure with a velcro strap
new closed frame.jpg

the open frame is HUGE !

its now 900 size diagonal
frame size.jpg
frame size close.jpg

ripped off the old motors
bye bye 810kv RC timers
old motors.jpg

hello new Dji E800s
mounted to motor mounts
new motors mounted.jpg

more to follow !


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Looks like a nice build Lunatix. Not a lot of people here do large endurance/AP build logs so this one stands out to me. Looking forward to the rest.


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build UPDATE

hi guys. ive been busy !

so carrying on from where we left off..

ive now cleaned the frame up given it a polish too


test fitted the booms

now had to drill new holes for Screw for mount


. then onto electrics..

ive taken the extended silicon cables from the old 810kv motors and soldered and heatshrank


nice and long for the extended arms.

now mounted the arms

ran motor wiring thru tubes

onto ESCS / power distrobution Loom / 3dr power module /


also adding into the mix / LED lights underneath ,

12v bec to power fpv camera, fpv 1.2ghz transmitter , and the tarot Gimbal

6v bec to power the Servo that moves fpv camera up and down,] 14955872_1188292334591048_4522132073794343435_n.jpg

connected up the motors to APM board, ran wires for the telemetry , gps puck ,

soldered the fpv transmitter onto the 12v
soldered the tarot gimbal to 12v
soldered fpv camera to 12v

soldered futaba servo to 6v

and then BOLT it all back together..

now it dont sound like much as a post,
but its pretty straight forward stuff for any good builder.

i now have .....




SHE measures in at a healty and SPOT on 850mm
thats around 1000mm with props on .

i am going to be replacing the STOCK legs with wither some Short aluminium Feet mounted to the corners of the frame that will just keep the gimbal and battery underneath clear of the floor.. as i dont like it to high up ..

OR depending on my flight time.. maybe some tarot RETRACTS

ive now got to tidy some excess wiring up with some cable ties, and tighten a few screws,

but all in all ive found this the easiest build ive ever done

all up weight, loaded with gimbal , cameras, fpx tx , (basically everything) AND a 4s 5200mah battery

is only 2.39 KG

BUT this will run on a 6s 5200mah ,
and that will be my next update.. batterys !

i shall be breaking down 3 lipo batterys to bare bones ,

and creating 2x 5200mah 20c lipos



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