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a P-40 form the swamps of Florida.


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recently i got to go home on leave and took a little trip to the curtis museum in southern NY state. inside there was an open workshop and in that workshop was a P-40 (E? i cant remember i think E it doesnt have the scalloped rear windows) story goes that just post WWII she was flying a training formation (Position 3-4 or so) and a wingman decided to swerve an oncoming bird. the wingman's prop entered the plane fore of the horizontal stab and severed the tail. killing the pilot. the wingman had time to bail thankfully. these 2 sat in a swamp for about 40 years. the last 20 years the 2 birds where excavated, sold together and traveled about owner to owner untill the curtis museum in NY got hold of them and is mashing them both into one static display. the old battered skin will be untampered with and the decals enhanced and areas with new skin will be painted like new. i got to sit for about 2 and a half hours looking at her and talking to the volunteers. i was so so so so so EXCITED!!!!!
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Thats a nice peace of history glad to see the museum got a hold of them and set them on display. One of my favorite warbirds