Help! P-40 with power pack b?


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Hey everyone,

About a year ago I built a simple cub and I've gotten to the point where I can fly a full battery without breaking anything lol. I want to move on to the P-40 but I was hoping to be able to use the power pack I already have. Has anyone flown the P-40 on the B pack? It seems to have around the same dimensions as the cub so it seems that as long as I use a small battery like a 3s 1500mah or less it should theoretically be able to fly. Has anyone tried this?


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No I have not flown the P-40 with a power pack b, I think it is a bit big for that power pack. But if you shrink the plans down a bit you could then use that power pack. I'm sorry that no one answered you question for a year. Hope that helps.