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I'll start with the "V-Raider". Since I had my poll thread I've been tossing around some ideas for a forward swept design, some EDF, some prop driven, some tailed, some tailless, etc. I decided when I take my first venture into FSW I'd probably do a simple single engine prop design. Not a lot of prop driven FSW historical or full scale designs to choose from(a couple but not much). I tossed around the idea of a funky pusher jet like my RET deltas, but decided to make my own design influenced instead by WW2 era fighters and bombers. This is more a fighter-bomber or early multi-roll attack aircraft looking style. It has a low mounted, KFM 3 wing and a twin tail. It would be a yank and bank AET.
you know, if you can get the CG right, that would make for a very interesting folding wing aircraft. Just have the wings loaded with a rubber band and use a servo to latch them into a forward position, flush under the fuselage. Carry aloft via a larger aircraft, drop, wings unfold and boom, parasite fighter.