Ultimate Combat plane


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It's been quite a while since I've been here hasn't it? I haven't done a ton of rc things and I missed ff23 but I have big plan(e)s for next year. I'm thinking of building an ultimate combat plane; the one to beat. So far, my ideas is a scaled up VAS spectre-like design to about 2 meters. Booms are cf rods that hold 4 motors. In other words, I want to make a giant combat quadplane. Any ideas for specific airframe designs for maximum strength and agility? Currently, My idea is to make a 3d printed mould and then form an airframe with carbon fiber, then glue together the pieces to make a hard shell. After that, there will be rods inside for stiffness and then filled with hardware store spray foam for structure. I've been told this carbon shell is not the best for combat, so does anyone else have suggestions?


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Look into fiber glassing the exterior. Flite test fiber glassed the FT Arrow and flew it full speed into a wooden post with minimal damage in a video a couple years back. I have no idea if this method would be stronger than what you described but I would imagine it would be a easier to do. Just build your design with foam board and cover in a light weight fiber glass. You could start by testing this method on a FT design before doing it on your scratch build, would give you an idea of its performance before you put all the time into your scratch build.

I personally have used a Crashtesthobbies Assassin for the last 2 Flite Fests, about 18 or so combats total, and only sustained minimal damage in a couple of those, fixed with minor hot glue and tape. These are made with EPP foam with strategic carbon spars and covered with laminating film. I think this method might be a tad difficult scratch building though.