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About to go unleash these beasts


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Thanks a lot this is the 4th plane I e ever flown and I was a little intimidated by the flight characteristics but she handles great! Plus it was a easy build, couple hours maybe. Ya it's a great plane next build will be the edge for sure!

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Fly harder!
Well @Salmonslaya here it is! Maiden will hopefully be tomorrow. It doesn’t look as good as yours, but it should still fly well. I plan on flying this thing hard so I don’t want to put a lot of time into it😂 Not sure why I did this to my edge then...


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I want to build the eaf edge but I need to finish my bipe first!
Or pause the bipe and build the Edge. You could probably whip one out in a couple hours. Then after you've flown the EAF, you'll have a baseline to compare your bipe to. You could even move the same powertrain from the EAF to your bipe. :)