Help! Can i go go for a F405 over F722 processor?


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so i wanted to build a 5 inch quad and was looking into flight controllers
I'm a bit confused between three right now and i was wondering if an F4 processor would be fine over an F7 (the F7 is almost twice as expensive at the F4 and im a bit tight on bugdet)
I dont mind losing a bit of processing power until its like a substansial difference, or if betaflight wont support it anymore
These are the fcs i was looking at: (the F4 one) (the F7 one)
also there's this another one that I could get (also an F7 chip and within my budget but I'm not sure if its good or not)


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There are drawbacks and advantages to both processors. F405 processors can actually be better than an F722. F405s have more RAM (1MB) on board and allow more features and firmware options that may not be available on the F722 (512KB). The F405 is supported on ArduPilot while the F722 is not. The clock speed difference is 168Mhz for the F405, and 216 Mhz for the F722. That can limit the maximum sampling rate, but not really limit the feature set like not having enough memory can.

For longevity of support, I opt for processors with more memory rather than the higher clock speed. Stay away from the F411 which has half of the memory as the F405 for the same reason.