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Advice for second plane

I have a Mini Super cub and where i fly it is prety good and open. Thinking of getting an apprentice 15e, but wondering if there might be something a little smaller but bigger than the Mini that has the features and flight characteristics of the Apprentice. The apprentice seems pretty big at 58inches.

Newbie Matt


I have no experience with the apprentice, so can't really comment on it. But, for the price, I will always argue that you can't beat a Bixler/Sky Surfer for going 4 channel. This is a FUN airplane that is easy to fly and tough.


Old age member
First question - is the plane aimed to fly or to crasch?
The only advantige with the bixler type is that the motor/propeller is "protected".
The rear mounting of the motor is also good when using a camera pointing forward.

Second question - is 58 inches to big - then i assume the bixler is also to big?
Big normally makes a plane easyer to fly but can be a disadvantage when transporting to the field.

The Mini Super Cub has a tiny wing loading and does not need a lot of space but the space does not seem to be a problem?
There are lots of nice planes in the range 30-40 inches. Try to find something durable like the Parkzone series or the Durafly if you want a plane that looks like a plane and not just a wing.
crashing is defintely a possibility. The bixler is about as big as i think i want to go and the motor being in the back protected is a nice feature. I like the look of the real and prefer to stay away from the wing planes.
As the others have suggested a bixler/sky surfer or one of the many knockoff clones will make for a excellent 4 channel second plane. I have personally owned four bixler type models (two currently) and can't fault them for much. If I may though offer one more fairly new candidate for your consideration. The TechOne Mercury although new to the market has had some very positve feedback. Same wing span as a bixler at 1400mm plus it seems to be a more modular design allowing for easy breakdown and storage. Again can't go wrong with a "bix" especially since there is a wealth of knowledge online for a new owner to drawn from, just trying to give you a different perspective 02A-402-Mercury-EPO-RED-KIT-25.jpg
I have a 5 ch YAK 12 that is great fun to fly. It's wing is about 900mm and flys great fast and slow. It also has flaps which makes very slow flying fun and it actually looks like a plane !
(mine looks a bit more used than this one)

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Bigger really does fly better. The apprentice is a good plane, Josh Scott flies one and has good things to say about it. If you can transport it, I'd go for it. You can also put it on floats as it has plenty of power. There are some youtube videos about it.