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AeroTechPlanes Original B-96 ThunderQuake Chuck-Glider

AeroTechPlanes Original B-96 ThunderQuake Chuck-Glider 2020-05-08

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AeroTechPlanes submitted a new resource:

AeroTechPlanes Original B-96 ThunderQuake - A never before seen plane fully designed by AeroTechPlanes

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After I designed the Sonex JSX-2, I didn't want to design a plane that already existed in the real world. So I opened Blender, and I started modeling a fuselage. Once I did that, I added forward-swept wings, and a canard in the front. It is a pretty easy build if you're used to building foamboard planes, and it is a cool addition to your collection. To print or download plans, go to my website https://aerotechplanes.jappl.es scroll all the way down...
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