After my 4 engine Mini £5 Lidl Chuck glider build with drone motors- here's my single engine build! Quite a challenge, but detailed build blog.


After the success of my 4 engine Mini Lidl rc conversion built with drone motors I decided it was time to try and build a single engine Mini Lidl. People have struggled to RC convert these because of small size and power to weight ratio, but I kept weight down to 97 gms, including 200 mA 2s lipo and thrust from my motor / prop should be around 100 gms, so no power to weight problem there! A good challenge getting the electronics in too BUT I DID IT! Very detailed build blog, but easy to skip through chapters, or to the end summary. Parts list is on the video too. Just need a good day for the maiden so watch this space! My cost was little over £35 including a fiver for the plane!