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Aircraft Bone Yards

IO9.com just had a cool article about Bizarre Aircraft Graveyards Lots of photos and links. Amazing and at times sad to see these 'grounded' birds.

While living in Phoenix I took a trip to Tucson to visit a school friend and while I wasn't able to visit any of the nearby bone yards I did visit the Pima Air & Space Museum. It's worth the trip if you have the chance and it is just about across the street (other side of the airfield) from one of the big bone yards.
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Thought I'd share some pics from the Pima Air & Space Museum. These are from 2001 so the quality isn't so great.

There is both indoor and outdoor exhibits
2 AroSpace Center Outside_34.JPG

Funny little bumble bee. This would make a fun looking foamie.
1 AeroSpace Center Inside_016.JPG
1 AeroSpace Center Inside_017.JPG

Hiller flying platform
1 AeroSpace Center Inside_013.JPG

Blackbird. I think they have this now inside.
2 AroSpace Center Outside_01.JPG

My favorite prop driven aircraft ever, the Rockwell Bronco.
2 AroSpace Center Outside_05.JPG

Bat21 anybody? Cessna Skymaster
2 AroSpace Center Outside_06.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_07.JPG

NASA Guppy. This flew whole rocket parts around the country.
2 AroSpace Center Outside_11.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_14.JPG

Love the graceful lines on the old TWA liners.
2 AroSpace Center Outside_22.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_23.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_29.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_31.JPG

2 AroSpace Center Outside_32.JPG

You can even get a look at it on Google.
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