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airfoil delta wings

Hi guys

1-Question is it possible to do airfoil like on the baby blender but doing it on the swappable delta????

and would it be better for flying ????

2-I have a 480 bushed motor from my super cub lp laying around doing noting .can i put it in the swappable delta???

thank you for reading me.
Hi Carbon

There really nice pusher. but what i was looking for is more like the ft-delta wing with the motor in the front .instead of useing kfoil i want to know if the airfoil would work .

The above shows a symmetrical air-foiled wing. This would be folding the wing in half, prying open the two pieces and inserting a spar to get it symmetrical. You can use semi-symm wings and full size flying wings do, you'll just need to find the correct AoA and elevator setting for neutral flying.

Oh, and though I've used the strap on undercarriage shown in the design on other planes, I've only hand launched flippers without them.
HI guys

thank you for your posting .but looking on how to fold dollar tree foam airfoil like the baby blander but for a full delta wing so i can do a swappable delta wing canadian avro arrow but the motor in the front not a pusher.
Oh, then you'd want plans for an F-4 Phantom. (just kicking that old can of worms). Follow the instructions for the wings in Carbons link and you'll be happy.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Hey all.
It seems that I am under a misconception.
Until I saw the Synapse and another wing from Co Spr. I thought that wings needed symmetrical airfoils,
And if not, that they needed a ton of reflex, in order to just keep the Nose up.
Case in point, the hobby king Me 163.
Any clarification would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Hi guys
Thank you Mr.clean i took a look at F-4 Phantom. great plane. but not what i am look for . thank you all for your advice. ill keep looking out for what i want to build .
The f-4 thang was a joke, really nasty one actually. See, back when Avro was really bustin trying to develop the lightning and become one of the first companies to offer a Mach 2 fighter, this country just south of their border did a little wheelin/deelin and had the whole program shutdown and we sold everyone our F-4 which although being a venerable, hard working, multiforce aircraft is really just a bunch of odd answers to problems developed trying to get an airplane the size of a bus to go over Mach 2 while still being able to maneuver.

It is NOT a pretty airplane. Most Canadians have never forgiven America for shutting down it's aerospace marvel, the Avro Lightning. So, if you want to be really petty to a brother from the great white north, whenever they mention that they are looking to make a Lightning just offer them a much better F-4.

It's also good to have a regress plan AND to be able to run fairly fast.
Well it's multipurpose, which has always been a flaw, see the F-111. It's a more expensive F-16 and hopefully you won't go for the VTOL version abut at this version it would be cheaper to buy some surplus F-4's then to recover all the Lightening stuff. Things have changed massively since 1958. Frankly I don't know why they want to buy any fighters. Thought that's what you had US for.

wait, does it come in a forest fire fighting version?

With any luck, we won't need another generation of fighter aircraft. But Russia is still making versions and selling them to people who are not our friends and people all over the world want to attack folks that don't believe in thier exact version of religion, politics or whatever. It stinks that the producing force between some of my favorite aircraft has to be international warfare.
My turn to try:


Pibros is a depron/ foam slope soarer which has been electrified, nitrofied, ducted-fanified, etc.

I've done about 3 myself (all for slope) - brilliant.

I used to shoot one of those out of my backyard on a bungy made of about 30 pair of no. 64 rubberbands tied to my pitchfork. turn around over my neighbors house, come back and circle a couple times, land and do it all over again. I took one of those 2 mil coro versions with full size gear to the MWSC at lake Wilson one year. Got up one mornign and the wind was blowing so I gave it a test launch about 150 yards from the cliff face. Darn thing almost made it. Went over, picked it up to throw it AND the wind died and never came back. The coro ones are called Mugi's. They're pretty cool too.