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Andre's Dynam Fw 190 1200mm


Builder Extraordinare
Just a note about Dynam Detrum ESCs... They are EXACTLY the same as Turnigy Plush ESCs. I've used the Turnigy Plush programming card on my Dynam ESCs with ZERO issues.


Crashing Ace
looking good by the way does the dynam focke wolf have retracts if not i see a mod coming down the road
either way a great looking plane


Fly yes... land no.
Yep she's got retracts.

In fact we discovered one was not closing so I left them down rather then risk a burn out.

IMG_8334 (1).jpg IMG_8338 (1).jpg IMG_8347 (1).jpg


Fly yes... land no.
Depends on how I feel. :)

Normally I bring 3-4 planes to the field.

One big one that fits in the trunk of the car.
2-3 in the back seat if I'm not flying with my son.

Usually the EFX and FT Racer or T-28.


Fly yes... land no.
Gear & Wiring

Fun evening in the hanger.
Specially nice after a full day of work and home life.

So I learned how to remove the shaft from the retracts.
You do need an allen key.

Used my bench vice to bend the shaft. Did not take much.

Once the alignment was good I put everything back together.

IMG_4101.jpg IMG_4102.jpg

Next job was wing wiring. Spent some time cleaning all of that up. Shorter Y wires and so on helped a lot.
For the gun kit bec I still plan on shorting all the wires but this ok for now. I did zip tie a the loose wires around the bec for now but this is a huge improvement over before.

IMG_4103.jpg IMG_4104.jpg IMG_4105.jpg IMG_4107.jpg IMG_4108.jpg IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4111.jpg IMG_4112.jpg

There was a lot of balance weight in the nose. I've removed a big chunk and slid the battery to the front.
Why not.

IMG_4113.jpg IMG_4114.jpg

And finally some shots of the repaired landing gear.

IMG_4116.jpg IMG_4117.jpg IMG_4118.jpg IMG_4119.jpg

I maintain buying a used plane is a very stress free experience.
There is no pressure to keep it perfect and the fear of doing something wrong is not really there.


Crashing Ace
Andre i found my self from researching this plane too radial engines and other full scale stuff
also nice job on the landing gear wiring. so now that you've had a few flights what do you think about the flying characteristics and experience
also sorry about the million questions


Fly yes... land no.
I thought it went very well to be honest.

Most people want to fly war birds fast but I also like to slow them down to see what they are going to do.
It did dip the nose down from time to time of I was dropping the air speed too low.

I had my rates set to softly so next time out I'll be adjusting those so I can get a little more out of the ailerons.

I keep being told the bigger they are the better they fly ;)

Really the only thing I need to work on is my landings other wise I like the plane.

Mind you I say that about all the planes I fly.


Crashing Ace
i wish i had something that was not a umx but when your a kid its hard to afford stuff and my parents have already gave a lot of money to my hobby but on the other hand i own a 450 helicopter (250) the year is only 4 months in and ive spent alot


Crashing Ace
im still trying to fly 4 ch the icon didn't even get a good flight before it was returned yes i could do that im just over all trying to get the grasp of 4 ch flight without a auto input program i didn't have anyone with actual plane experience to help me out while flying but now im trying to get my self in the air after 3 months of thinking if i should go back to 3ch i have 2 3 ch and ive mastered the duet also i have a umx p 51 but after i fly that i may look into this one im flying the t 28 um now hope fully i can get a good flight
thanks for the reccomendation