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Any Link Converter

For a while now the Any Link converter has been in the consumers eye and by many advertizing videos. Having searched many outlets for this item, many plus myself can still be confused by just how this item works. Can you please help and explain just how this works?

Many Thanx


Hostage Taker of Quads

It plugs into the trainer port of your non-tactic radio.

It should put your TX in slave mode, the anylink becomes the master transmitter int the "buddy box" pair. It then blindly passes along your stick commands using the tactic trsnamitter fequencies/protocols.

It's a fairly clever system, with exceptions:

- It isn't a full range transmitter. it'll do well for most small models, but I would recomend against trusting it at long range with anything big/valuable.

- Spektrum/JR trainer ports can't provide power, so you'll have to supply (and keep charged) a battery to power the anylink.