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anybody doing a scratch build this week?

I got back to work on the sport wing for an Explorer. Ordered the stuff right when all the virus stuff kicked off here in the states and some 6 weeks later at least some of my order should be here by the weekend. I got Real Flight 9 simulator to re hone my skills and shortly found that a rudder and elevator 3 channel left something to be admired. To go with the sport wing if the right stuff shows up I have an all but finished Mig-3 waiting on some electronics as well.
Well, just had to shelve my plans for at least another week. Got another email from Amazon putting delivery of some items back to late next week yet again. Some stuff did show up and I got a reminder why I don't normally order off Amazon. The motors I ordered showed prop adapters and 2 sizes of bullet terminals. Only thing in the packs were the motors, at least they're the right ones and don't appear to be counterfeit. The ESC's both have the wrong connectors on them XT30 battery with 2mm bullets instead of the XT60 with 4mm stated in the description. GRR...