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Anycopter Camera Rig - BUILD


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Learn more about the AnyCopter Hub Kit HERE

Galvanized Steel Wire: 15" inches
Wood (bass/balsa): 9-1/2" inches

ac - 4.jpg MVI_1583.MOV.Still001.jpg ac - 1.jpg ac - 2.jpg ac - 3.jpg MVI_1587.MOV.Still001.jpg


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Is it just me, or does this picture look like Chad is playing with his camera mounts? I can almost hear him doing the voices for each one...

In a deep voice... "Hi, I'm a camera mount with a camera and a battery, where's your camera and battery?"

In a higher pitched voice "I'm a mount that doesn't have a camera or a battery yet. Will you help me find my camera and battery?"


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It's certainly easier to build. No wire bending, and fewer parts.

I imagine it works as well or better at damping the vibration because of the flexibility of the cable.



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I noticed none of the cloverleafs were for 5.8. Is this not a good system to go with? I have a 1000mhz transmitter on 5.8 with a cl, and I'm good for about 150 yards.(and that's line of sight) I hear of other people getting a mile or so....what and I doing wrong?????
I build a galvanaised steel wire-dampening-batteryplatform, as described in the Maker Trainer II-series.
The wires were much longer. The downside was that when moving, flying the battery-tray could swing and thus added INSTABILITY to the rig, which the FC had to work hard on getting rid of.

I replaced the wires with some piano-wire as it is used in David Windestals solution and that worked nicely.

Now I really might try Chad's solution as well. The short wires, actually do a good job of dampening, BUT do not provide lots of swinging-motion.
There is one drawback though. In CHad's solution, the battery is exposed from the bottom and will have a big chance of taking a big hit when crashing.


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Thanks for the idea Chad. Just built one for my 500 wood DIY X w/ SSG-Mob. Works good & easier to change batts than other designs...I like that the cable will provide some give in a crash. Used 1/8" cable...kind of a pain to get the loop length right but it came-out good..:D 20150814_163632.jpg