Solved FT Mustang COG ???


Looking to maiden my Mustang tomorrow, but I'm having some confusion on the center of gravity. I am using a 2200 mah battery and a C power pack.

The center of gravity listed on the sheet that came with the simple build kit says 2.75 inches back from the leading edge. However the build video which was done in 2015 says right at the first fold section on the top of the wing.

Measuring from the leading edge, next to the fuselage, that first fold is roughly around 1.8 - 2 inches. 2.75 inches is quite a ways further back.

I'm not sure which one to use for my initial center of gravity. He says in the video about 20% back from the leading edge. Based on the cord of the wing, which is roughly around 9 inches, the center of gravity should be around 1.8 to 2 inches back from the leading edge, which is right around that first fold.

However, maybe they changed the center of gravity from what was listed in the video and the newest one is listed on the sheet as you can see in the picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to get this part of the process wrong before I maiden.



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Pretty sure the build sheet is correct at 2.75" but you can get away with it being at 2". I always do a glide test first anyway.
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CG isn't listed on the plans. The purchase page on the FT Store says 2.75, but the build vid says it"s on the front fold/lead edge of the spar. I would start with the lead edge of the spar, and make adjustments from there, if needed. Always do a few glide tests to check CG and trims before maiden.