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anyone have experience with these?


lumpy member
I am getting everything in order to build my tri, and am a little scared about ESC flashing. I am sure I could figure it out, but I would probably melt a couple ESCs in the process. so up untill now I was just planing on using stock plushes .

but today I saw that RCTimer sells SimonK flashed ESCs for 11 bucks! that's what I was planing on spending anyway:

is this too good to be true? does anyone here have experience with these?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
With the software I have downloaded for them, the pin layout, and I have a homemade adapter for them, the fact I've never had one fail yet and I'm to 12, they're dirt cheap, the 20A and 30A Hobby King ESC UBECs are about my only choice.


Dedicated foam bender
OPTO has no BEC if you were still wondering...So for a quad, you could do 3 OPTO's and one of the 780's, just make sure the 780 is on the number one position...


lumpy member
ooh, from what I can find on rc gruops and such the afros have much better reviews… BUT NO US WAREHOUSE :mad:


New member
I have them and would HIGHLY recommend buying.
Prompt service and flawless performance for the last year or so.