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anyone in maine

Liberty Here, Near Belfast since no one has ever been here. ;)
I have a lake but am trying to find a large field, hay or other to fly in. I just need to knock on a few doors I think.
Need to program my Bushwhacker properly, and I hope to maiden my Sea BB if the weather cooperates tomorrow. Join the Maine group if you haven't already.


Got Lobstah?
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There have been some community members who have done quite a bit to organize groups via the forum, maps, and even a website. I just adjusted the pin on the Central Maine RC Flyers on FT Groups to a large field already frequented by a small number of rc pilots. Hopefully we can link up and make this an enjoyable family/community thing like Flite Fest but our own local version.
South Paris, ME here. Still new to the hobby and working on building a Ft Sea Duck for the winter. Goal is to try flying off the local lake before the winter is over.
Hopefully next year I'll be able to join the Skystreakers club in New Gloucester.