Help! A note of thanks to the Flitetest crew


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I blew out my knee at the beginning of December and have been in a wheel chair ever since, my Girlfriend had already bought me a plane for Christmas and had not told me about it. Once I saw what she had bought I was hooked, I had never flown one before and still haven't much but I love building these things.
My first build was a version of the Noob Tube from Experimental Airlines that I haven't flown but today you shipped my Baby Blender and I will have it next week. Here is the Thank You Part!! Your videos kept me sane through this past winter, I'm serious.
I'm in Maine and didn't leave the house for many months but I had you guys to keep me entertained and educated. You gave me something else to think about and a goal to strive for when I can walk again. I know more about flying than anyone who has never flown before and I can't wait.
Thanks guys, and my Girlfriend wants the Otter when it's ready so hurry up.
LOL Ross FT Baby