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anyone in Missouri, St, Charles or St. Louis area?

just started about 6 montha ago, already wasted a spitfire. i'm going to build a nice little fleet over the winter so next year I can get some more flying experience instead of fixing experience.
Very nice. I live across the street from a moderate size park in the city that's been a great place to fly. Hoping to get a small club going next year...mostly geared toward city dwellers who don't want to drive 20-30 minutes to get to a field...but nice folks from the county will be more than welcome.

If it moves forward in the spring I'll PM you.


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Smashed2bits... I'm in downtown St. Charles, and a couple of my flying buddies are from Wentzville. We occasionally get together and fly at a friend's place in Foristell. When flying alone, I usually go to a nearby schoolyard. I work for the school district, so I fly outside my building and it works rather well.




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Living in St. Peters, my Tiny Trainer's nearly complete. I'll be scoping out a nice open space to toss her before long. (Looks like crash bandicoot may know a thing or two about my part of town.)
I'm near Cottleville and have flown at a few local parks & schools. However, I have found that the high populations of buildings, trees, poles, fences and lights can be a limiting factor to the lifespan of my planes. :)


I know some folks wrinkle their nose at the AMA and affiliated clubs, but there's a certain peace to knowing you're flying where it's okay to fly and the facility is designed for it. If you're interested, check out the Spirits of St. Louis field. Great pits with tables and electricity, a pavilion, and a 600' paved runway. Hard to beat!


I also live in Wentzville. Usually fly at a friends farm. Although sometimes I think I overstay my welcome. Use his power, bathroom, front yard.... :) LOL. I would really like to find another public place nearby though. That way I could have more "gatherings" with folks. I've found usually school yards are either full of kids, or obstructions as mentioned previously.

In my hangar i have a ft spitfire, and a modified Bloody Wonder running the tacon bigfoot (it's stupid fast) also a cheap profile plane i got from Value Hobby (and would recommend to anyone). I am working on a 150% ft mustang covered in aluminum tape. it will have a removable wing modified to fit retracts, flaps, and eventually one of those sound modules, i am putting a lot of scale detail into it and hope to modify the plans enough that it has all the bad tendency's a warbird should. i would like it to fly as scale as it looks.
Cenrtral Missouri by Columbia. Ambitious but total noob. I have a farm that we fly at.
My son and I got started building at Flite Fest 2018. We have two flying and two in t
he works
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You need to check out Buder Park in Valley Park, MO. We have control line facilities, RC with 2 paved runways with solar power for charging batteries, a reserved area for drones/fpv, bbq facilities and ample parking. Must have AMA. Locals required to have ($35) annual permit.