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APM 2.5 vs Hobbyking Clone HKPilot Mega V2.5

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if any of you have used the Hobbyking clone of the APM 2.5 board


And if so, has it been able to connect to mission planner successfully / have you had any major problems?

I used the original APM2.5 from DIY Drones / 3D robotics in a university funded project and was blown away with it. I wanted to have a similar set up running at home on my tricopter, but cannot really afford an original APM 2.5.

So I was curious to see if the clones are any good.




Senior Member
I've got one. Works great. The HK NEO-6M GPS hooks right up. The minimosd requires soldering some leads. HKs telemetry radios work great with mission planner.

RCTimeralso makes a clone that many people like.
Cheers Rob,

after having a read of some of the comments on the HK product page, it seemed that there were a few duds out there. They were not able to change the firmware using mission planner etc. Have you had any such issues?
Hi Rob,

I'm at the same stage as Nishaad. What version of APM are you running on it? Did you update it at any point? I've read people saying they couldn't update to 3.0 because of HW limitations.



Senior Member
I'm running ardu plane, not ardu copter on a 2.5 board. I just updated it using the mission planner interface. Very easy to do. If the 3.0 software is written for the APM module, it should work with the HK board.

3D Robotics now has a 3DR Pixhawk board that has a more powerful processor. Software developers have just about maxed out thr APM 2.5.