Are there any rc Air Shows in Texas?


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I've looked around, but there are no air shows to be found in the Lubbock-Plainveiw-Leveland area! Do yall know of any near here? (or just any in Texas, you can say those too)


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There is a show coming up in Kingsville this March 24&25 the show is called Wings Over South Texas or WOST you can google it and sign up for emails


A little out of your area, but Houston has a great air show called Wings Over Houston sometime in August. Don't remember the specific dates.


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AMA members get listings for upcoming events in their state; it's usually printed in the Model Aircraft magazine, as well as being on their Events page:

Now, granted, all of the ones on the AMA website are AMA sanctioned, so you must be an AMA member to participate, but since most of us are members, it's not really a problem to participate. :) Some of the shows have "fly in" or "landing fees", but it's their way of charging non-members to use the field (and sometimes, it's done to supplement the event with a BBQ lunch of burgers & hot dogs).