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Art-Tech 990mm F6F Rebuild


I bought an Art-Tech Hellcat (sold by Banana Hobby) from a neighbor who crashed it and didn't want to rebuild. The crash did pretty minor damage to the airframe. He pitched the motor due to a bent prop shaft (oh well).

The worst damage was a broken hinge on the left folding wing. BH does not sell the wing hardware, just a complete wing to the tune of $50. This is probably what deterred the original owner from fixing it himself. I made a hinge out of a piece of aluminum and it works well. The wing is actually tighter and cleaner in the "deployed" position than with the stock hinge. I may have to make another one!

The stock motor is a 950 KV. I'm probably going with one of these motors:


Flying weight is about 35 ounces (980 g).

Hinge2.jpg Hinge3.jpg


Monkey/Bear Poker
Looking good teach!

If the hinge you made is tighter, I know its more reliable than the plastic one that is stock. If nothing else make one while you are there and then you won't have to worry about it!

Good job, can't wait to see you maiden it!