Aura (or Receiver) Battery Voltage Telemetry?


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Hey, Maybe this is obvious to someone....but I've spent hours trying to figure it out.
I'm interested in building another FT foam plane (Sea Otter), and adding the Aura 5 Lite Board.
Coming from quads mostly recently (and heli's prior), with a few planes like the UMX Turbo Timber....I'm not willing to go without battery voltage telemetry anymore.
I've not installed a receiver not connected to a quad Flight Controller in many years.

Can either the Aura or a receiver like a Jumper R8 SBUS provide battery voltage telemetry that my radio (currently Taranis QX7S) can pickup?
The UMX Turbo Timber can do it, so I figure I can probably make it happen with the Aura and a telemetry receiver....but I'd like to know for sure.

I also have a 4 in 1 module, so I can also work with Spectrum receivers.

Having my radio speak the battery voltage periodically is a game changer for me, and I won't have another plane without it.

Thanks so much for the assistance.


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The Aura will not do telemetry, but you could do it with a telemetry RX. I don't know which ones, but a thread I found on rcgroups says the jumper R8 does not do battery telemetry correctly and does not have an s.port input.


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since your using a QX7s frsky sells a current sensor for monitoring your power consumption, you can program your QX7 for voice alerts as to the amount of power your using and make the alerts as frequent as you want to program it to notify you
  • Can measure Current (A), Power Consumption (mAH) and Power (W) when connected between a Battery and ESC.
  • Only works with the Smart port receivers,such as X8R,X6R,X4R,etc.
  • Come standard with XT60 connectors
  • I think I paid $22


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Hey thanks for the info. It doesn't matter to me which receiver I use (Spectrum, FrSky, whatever), but I want battery voltage telemetry. I use voice alerts now with my Spectrum UMX TT, and use OSD alerts on my quads. I'll checkout the FAS40S. Seems like it should be an option built into a I'll look for those as well. I have been frustrated with FrSky's firmware updates, so I may stay away from them.
Thanks for the Jumper Receiver warning as well.
If anyone can recommend a specify receiver that provides batter voltage telemetry, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks for clarifying that the Aura is not the hardware that would provide the telemetry.


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To help others out, I ended up with an FrSky G-RX6 receiver.
It sends battery voltage, altitude, and airspeed at a reasonable cost!!!
I have the Aura and Receiver connected and bound. Still some programming on the Aura to do, but I have working channels.
Next is building the Sea Otter.


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It still boggles me why with all these smart radios and new tech that people refuse to use the throttle% timers. It literally takes under 10 button clicks to set up and a handful of flights to dial it in where your packs will come down in the exact same state EVERY time no matter what conditions or how aggressive you fly.

I use them on everything I fly and it does not matter if I fly a quad one time as hard as I can and kill a pack in under a minute or if I use the same quad set up exactly the same and cruise around clam and collected for over 5 minutes. My packs come down and go back on the charger nearly exactly the same every flight. The only time it matters is if I change pack sizes from say a 1300 mah pack to a 1500 mah pack. I have two timers for my alien set up specifically for each size pack since I use both 4s 1500 mah and 5s 1300 mah packs on it.