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Aurora A9


Flying Derp
I got tired of waiting for FliteTest to do the A9 review so I went ahead and got one. After handling a Futaba 8FG Super that showed up at the field last week, I'm glad I got the A9. It contours to the hands much better. Chad and Dave approve!

With all the talk of the 9XR, I had to post some pics. I'm not sure about the 9XR, but my 9X feels like a plastic toy compared to the A9.

Had to share, thanks for listening :)
I am looking to upgrade my Hitec transmitter to 2.4ghz and was definitely considering the A9. I looked into the A9X which is due out in late May, and it seems that the receiver that comes with it is only compatible with digital servos. I don't have any of these, and also don't fly large 3D or precision aerobatics where they would be beneficial. As a result, I am looking into just the A9 with its optima receivers.

If you could provide some general info about your experience with the A9 (pros, cons, what flying you use it for, etc.) that would be great! Any information is helpful.