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Aussie Scratch Builds


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I have observed a number of complaints over the last year in relation to the difficulty some are having with foamboard supplies and quality in Australia.

There have also been a few interesting designs and solutions posted.

This thread is to try and help share experiences and supply sources to allow us to spend more time flying than at the workbench.

As for myself I have secured a source of foamboard locally from of all things an Art shop where it is used for backing in the framing of photographs and paintings.

The material is acid free and meant to be stable in long term usage. I doesn't like water though.

The sheet size is approximately twice that of the DTFB and is available in 5mm and 3mm thicknesses.

I am in Brisbane, retired, and RC planes is about all I do now. If I can help I will and if I can't help then hopefully someone else can.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
For those who are challenged foam wise I will start it with my own build of one of my favourites.

The version I will be building is the very fast and highly maneuverable version of the old Quick Trick balsa pylon type racer.

Here are the original plans.
Original Quick Trick.jpg

I hope to build a high power version of my earlier version

DSC_8888.jpg DSC_8900.jpg

Plans are in the final drawing stage and should be available in the next few days


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Yes. That is a viable option for building but sadly small fine designs tend to become a pain of detailed sanding and cutting..

With the myriad of proven designs available for free and based upon foamboard there are many who wish to build to the plans provided.

If you wish to post plans herein based upon Depron and the XPS sheets please do as I build almost anything to learn the techniques and materials involved.

For now I will continue with the aforementioned design based on the $9 Aud sheet of 3mm foamboard.

Here are my initial version of the plans which may have an addendum or amendment after the build is complete.

3mm FB Quick Trick.jpg