AVIN (Aerospace Vehicle Identification Number)


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Just want to let everyone know that we are actively working to protect YOUR RIGHT to pursue your happiness, safely.

As we exercise and protect OUR RIGHT to fly in OUR AIRSPACE, it is necessary for everyone to create or acquire an AVIN for each of their vehicles.

AVINs are used in identifying your vehicle, and in communications with air traffic control and others.

Example: RC101TW (This is my AVIN for my Remote Controlled I Copter)

To break this down: RC (Remote Control), 101 (Vehicle Number), TW (My Initials)

We have been using AVINs for over thirty years now to identify and communicate while EXERCISING OUR RIGHTS!

Here are a few of the basic AVIN classifications that will apply to creating a unique AVIN for your vehicles.

RC = Remote Control
RCV = Remote Control Video
AC = Autonomous Control

It is also necessary to put the AVIN on your vehicle, and it is also a good backup to put contact and identification information in or on your vehicles also.

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