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Avtims.com Firebolt (Harry Potter) Build Log


Elite member
This was one I just knew I had to build when I first saw it. Harry Potter flying around on a broom. Plans are by Tim @ avtims.com and I received his version of a speed build kit. Beautifully packaged and came with all control horns, push rod, landing gear including wheels, etc... that is needed. Here is Tim with his creation.


Video of flight:


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Started on the broom handle tonight. Glued all four of the spacers together followed by two of the broom tips on each side. Then glue that between the sides of the broom and apply the top of the handle. Paper is peeled from the inside of the broom handle top so that it follows the curve.

I took some of the excess paper and used it to cover the exposed edges of the broom handle top.






Wake up! Time to fly!
Cool. Ill take the goalie version made from a huge quad that way I wont actually have to fly hehe.

Other wise I have no shot making the team.


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Sides attached, broom handle being attached. The trick was to partially insert the broom handle supports when sliding everything together. Had to notch out the handle top as well to slide in the supports. Paint stick reinforcement.