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Balance point for v-tail quad


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm just looking at where all the bits are going to go on my v-tail batbone quad and was hoping someone could tell me where the aircraft should balance. I'm assuming somewhere around the KK2 board?

I've searched the forums but couldn't find the answer, any help appreciated.



Hostage Taker of Quads

There are two good targets for CG on multi rotors, and a good build will put them in the same spot.

- CG centered on the control board sensors. (to keep motor loading even)
- CG centered at the centroid between the motors. (to give them the best picture of how the board is moving through space)

Put the CG just forward of the screen on the KK2. That's where the sensors are. As long as that's close to the centroid between the motors, call it good and get her in the air!

BTW, Welcome to the forum!