Ball links on servos or?


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So, I have been tirelessly researching the use of ball links on servos and it does seem like they are good, but which ones are great? I'm building an Extra 300 60 size and wanted to use something different for the servo connections this time besides quick links or z bends.

Sullivan ball link


Dubro ball link

I ordered both types to check them out but if anyone has anything bad to say about these, please comment.

I'm going to try the DUBRO ADJUSTABLE CONTROL HORN on the control surfaces.


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I see the Dubro style links a lot in rc car and truck suspensions. They are rock solid. The disadvantage us when you have to do maintainance or break something. More mechanical work not to mention they usually get locktited in place.

I never saw the others as my helix all used the ball stud and the nylon press on link ends. They do look more efficient for aircraft specially where you need to separate something like a main wing on a regular basis. I would question that spring tension for hard pushed control surfaces and possibly disconnecting the link.