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bamboo skewer plane, will it fly?


Junior Member
The other day i was sitting on my desk when all of the sudden i get this idea of building a plane entirely out of bamboo skewers, thought i would keep it simple and went with a traditional stick like build. made the entire frame from skewers tied together using some cotton string then coated the joints with a good layer of epoxy the string soaked up the epoxy and hardened. After finishing the frame i covered it with a couple layers of plastic cling wrap seems to do the job so far. So here's the final product! I had to shove the battery, esc and receiver all the way forward in order balance the plane.



Junior Member
I've finally gotten the chance to maiden it and turns out it actually flies! Unfortunately the flight didnt last long as a gust blew it to the ground, only damage was the fuselage cracking in half, i guess i can only fly this one in dead calm days cause it doesn't seem to like the wind much.. All in all i'm quite pleased with it I expected it to fold on itself on take off but it proved airworthy and since it's the first plane that i didnt build from plans!:D


Old age member
It seems that you dont have any ailerons or V-form or ears (di/poly-hedral). It makes it hard to fly with the torque from the motor trying to roll the plane.


Junior Member
nope dont have any of those, rudder seems to be sufficient though i might add ailerons later on. I don't know if this counts but the wings sort of flex in the air does that count as polyhedral?:rolleyes: