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battery chargers


New member
I've been looking at getting into the hobby for a while and am just about to jump in.
I'm looking at battery chargers, and it seems that all of the charges, except for a select few all seem to charge using a car battery, are there any chargers that work off mains power? so you charge them then head down to the field?

Can you recommend a good cheap one I could look at getting?

Thanks guys


Senior Member
Many chargers take just 12-18 V DC in because of reduced cost, shipping weight and increased flexibility (use power adapter at home, car battery on the field). This also widens the market for the product as it does not have to regard different plugs, frequencies and voltages in different countries. I'd recommend to get one of that kind, perhaps something like HobbyKing ECO6 50W 5A Balancer/Charger w/ accessories, and a good powerful (~60W 12 V) ac/dc adapter for home use. Car adapters, should you need one, are very cheap - you may even have one or a few laying around =). Good luck!


New member
The problem is i dont have a car laying around. I recently moved to Canada, from Australia and sold pretty much everything I owned.

So I don't want to be carrying around a car battery with me all the time, that's why i was hoping to get a wall charger.


Junior Member
Hey guys i need help with my new imax b6 charger, im using a laptop powersuply (19V. 4.2 A 19V is reduced to 16V by using some resisitors) although its 16V input, when ever i start charging its gives the input voltage erorr warnining, and when i checked the voltage during the process, it drops significantly when the charging process begins ( drops to arnd 11V) i dont know why its dropping. need a solution for this as soon as possible