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Battery charging

I bought 2 800 mah batteries and was wondering what would be a safe rate to charge them at 1.0 amp or 2.0 amp! I am using a IMAX b6ac charger
yes. 1C for that battery is .8 amps and 2C is 1.6 amps. but it is always best to charge all of your lipos at 1C to keep your lipos lasting as long as possible.


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Me personnely I cannot remember the last time I charged at 1C I am usually at 2C or 3C and have not noticed any change in battery integrity, and charge times are much shorter. If I am in a real hurry I will not use balance charge cuts charging time by about a third, do not recommend doing it all the time, and again I have not noticed change in battery integrity. When I notice a big change in battery resistance is when I accidently run my battery packs to low repetitively.